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Saturday, July 22, 2017, from 3 pm, Kemptener Straße
Start: Kemptener Straße
Start time in groups:
15:00: Bambini race 3-5 years (children with parents), round course 1x (ca.300m)
15:15: Mini Kids Race 5 - 8 years, round course 2x
15:30: Maxi Kids Race 8-10 years, round course 3x
15:45: Maxi Kids Race 10 years and over, round course 4x
Starting fee: Only EUR 3.-
Inclusive: Cult starter's shirt and medal for all kids
Registration: Directly before the course on the Morisse car park.
Registration and information for schools and kindergardens: Erich Kästner Schule, Mr.
Hollmann, Tel. 08362 507460
Erich Kästnerschule Füssen (www.erichkaestnerschule.de) and the Allgäuer Zeitung
(www.all-in.de) are also partner of the children's run in 2017!

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